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Has Covid destoyed the fabric of society? Our norms and values that we have taken for granted are no more. Many of us have been stopped from spending time with our loved ones. Then we have to grieve their departure without saying a proper goodbye. Then there are the natural questions that arise. And the criticisms of the whole care package. We are not here to point the finger, but there are many questions that are unanswered.

An inquest shluld provide the answers to many questions, but often a satisfactory conclusion might only be reached throigh careful questiioning or negotiation. We at Inquest Representation Service can assist families and individuals in navigating the often complex coronial process. The whole coroners inquiry might turn on the right questiions being asked.

 We can assist on focussing the coroner’s mind on the salient issues. As society grapples with the the wider repercussions of so many deaths, we as individuals want to know that all that should properly be done was done, to minimise the risk of infection or to provide wholly appropriate palliative care in the end stages of our loved one’s life.

 All calls to inquest representation service are treated in strict confidence and are without obligation. Do call Inquest Representation Service on 033 00 77 00 97 for more information about how we may be able to assist you in relation to an inqust into a Covid related death, and the circumstances and polices that led to a possibly avoidable death.

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